Interpreting services (German, Russian)
(consecutive, simultaneous)

  • For negotiations, conferences, training sessions, trade fairs
  • For public authorities, notary, court
  • On the visits of delegations, business trips, cultural events
  • Tour guide services

Translation services (English, German, Russian)

  • Economic, legal, medical and technical texts
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Website localization
  • Computer-assisted translation (CAT Tools)

Areas of expertise

Interpreting services

  • Financial and Banking sector

    Business, trade relationships

  • Marketing, mass media

    Focus groups, sociopolitical issues, international relations

  • Medicine

    Accompaniment of patients to the examinations and therapies in Germany, scientific conferences

  • Law

    Court proceedings, notary appointments

  • Information technologies

    Presentations software products

  • Sport

    Construction of sports facilities, football

Translation services

  • Financial and Banking sector

    Business and accounting documents

  • Marketing, mass media

    Media texts, product catalogs, promotional material

  • Medicine

    Medical reports, test results, pharmacology, cosmetology

  • Law

    Certificates, contracts, court orders, tax documents

  • Information technologies

    Websites, mobile apps, software applications, audiovisual translation

Interpreting and Translation Charges

The cost of translation and interpreting services depends on many variables, like volume, urgency or level of difficulty. Please contact me for more information or a free quote.

Rates for interpreting

Interpreters need to be confident and clear when they communicate in different languages. Interpretation tasks require preparation in advance and to perform the task successfully, interpreters need to know the terminology, the subject matter and the context of specialized topics. The preparation is part of the interpreter job.

It would be helpful to provide me with any background information and briefing in advance, so that I can prepare myself for the upcoming event.

Rates for translations

The rates for translations depend on many variables, like the urgency, total volume and text complexity. The standard page is a unit for measuring the volume of translation and the rates. One standard page is equivalent to 1800 characters (including spaces).

Calculating Rates

The basis for calculation:

Text information: medical text; page rate for this type of text is 25 €; text has e.g. 20860 characters (including spaces).

Price calculation: 20860 characters: 1800 characters = 11.58 standard pages x 25 = 289, 5 €